Lawrence Lessig on money and speech

Lawrence Lessig:

The question isn’t whether money is speech. The question is whether we should allow money to so dominate the political system that candidates become more focused on their dependency upon money than upon the People.

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  1. Mira says:

    Expanding on our twitter coaevrsntion sure there is legal extortion system right now. Legislating it away will be nearly impossible because of the unforeseen consequences and concentration of power. Instead we can pay more (like baseball player type money) to our representatives. This will encourage better people to run for office and those people will be less likely to be corrupted by money since they could now theoretically fund their own campaign. Also, they would risk a lot by being corrupted since they get paid so much (whereas now they just go private sector). Sadly this wouldn’t solve the access problem. People with good and interesting ideas would still be isolated from acces because power concentrates in the hands of the few no matter what.

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