He was one of the crazy ones.

Steve Jobs was one of the crazy ones. He could see. He once took time to respond to an email from a precocious college kid in a small Missouri town. Imperfect and unconventional, he will always be, to me, the best that America has to offer.

He will be missed.

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  1. Laurence says:

    While the world mourns the loss of a great tichnecal visionary, speakers the world over are also mourning the loss of an incredible oratory talent. Steve Jobs wasn’t just an iGenius. He also knew how to hold a crowd.On stage, Jobs was casual without being unfocussed. He was real without being unprofessional. He was warm without deviating from the point. Jobs was a master at connecting with the minds and imaginations of his audiences.One of his best known presentations was the Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ address at Stanford University in 2005. If you’ve never seen it, take fourteen-and-a-half minutes out of your day to watch it. The link appears below.In this presentation, Jobs uses a number of his signature techniques to engage and persuade his audience. Consider his opening:

  2. if only I could go back and teach these lessons to my children. I do believe there is hope; now, as teenagers, they are receiving a crash course in love and respect toward others. I pray the Lord blesses them despite my ignorance and lack of parenting skills. Hindsight is always 20/20, and God’s LOVE and FORGIVENESS is ALWAYS 100%.

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