Vladimir Putin, Action Man

The impossibly cool Vladimir Putin. {via Kottke}

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  1. Logan says:

    Getting back to Andy’s post at this thread, there’re these qouetd thoughts on the new Cold War theme being hustled in some mass media/academia/bdy politic circles: It sells newspapers and conforms to the general populations simplified understanding of such issues. That can be legitimately questioned along with other aspects of former Communist bloc commentary. Andy’s link to that discussion is at what seems like a relatively well funded venue. At last note, there’re no posted replies to the new Cold War discussion at that site. At this thread, no one has yet to directly reply to any specific point made at that discussion.This reminds me of what a former exec. at a Fortune 500 manufacturer told me when comparing his experience to a major news organization. Media isn’t so profit driven as some think. Certain media outlets (think tanks as well) favor one agenda or agendas over others. Many of the owners of media outlets made their money elsewhere. Some of them don’t see a media acquisition as a profit maker, but more of a toy to air out certain views. This person added that in his opinion the cronyism factor is greater at media outlets than the more profit driven fields. Let me add that some media outlets like the VOA, RFE/RL, NPR and PBS receive a good deal of government funding to keep afloat.

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