The military-incumbent complex

The military-incumbent complex

Jacob Levy tweets this article from the Times:

But Mr. Skelton, 78, said he was not ready to leave Congress, particularly his post as chairman of the Armed Services Committee, while the United States was engaged in two wars. His district includes Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base, both of which he has fought to finance and keep open.

“It’s a rare opportunity to help our national defense,” Mr. Skelton said…

Mr. Skelton threw his fund-raising efforts into overdrive a year ago, party leaders said. He has $1.4 million in his campaign account, a large share of which was raised from military-related concerns.

Ol’ Ike Skelton represents the district next to my home district in Missouri (where I still vote).

One odd thing about this article: the sense in the Ozarks is that Skelton is popular for being a pro-life, conservative Democrat… not for being Our Savior of the Bases. All the pork in the world couldn’t save a liberal in that district.

So why would Skelton emphasize only the military credentials that play a minor role in reelection? Posturing? Securing campaign contributions?