The political talent dearth

The author of this article on political talent feels all the smart ones went to business while the schmucks went into politics.

[Baby] boomer business leaders and technologists rebooted the world, playing seminal roles in globalization’s stunningly fast expansion around the planet over the past three decades. Meanwhile, try coming up with a single historic piece of legislation passed by the Boomer politicians, whose primary manias revolve around thwarting their political enemies in a painfully myopic zero-sum fashion. Until the recent health care bill, the only contenders would be the 1990 update of the 1970 Clean Air Act, and the 1986 income tax reform act.

I’m not sure there’s a difference in talent, but there certainly is a disparity in innovation. It’s much easier to try new things in Silicon Valley, and—importantly—it’s much easier to fail.

Still, it’s worth asking why modern American politics is so unimaginative and chokes on the bland things like budgets, deficits, debt, tax policy, etc.