Hi. I’m Jason. My friends call me Swad. I’m a 24-year-old graduate student at Brown University studying social and political thought. I graduated from Drury University in 2007 with degrees in Political Science and Communications; I returned to Drury as an adjunct faculty member in 2008. In the meantime I earned a master’s from the University of Chicago. I’ve lived and studied in London, Greece, and Germany. I was born just outside Springfield, Missouri and I still love the Ozarks.

I’m passionate about faith, music, technology, nature, politics, literature, old movies, people, travel, history, philosophy, chess, Age of Empires, hanging out with my grandmas, Sunday naps, used bookstores, BBQ, and sweet tea.

25 random things about meradio

1. My great uncle Paul, a Baptist minister, baptized Brad Pitt. My great, great uncle Geoffrey was Harry S. Truman’s pastor. I’m humbled by my family’s legacy of virtue.

2. I can do a pretty decent Sean Connery impression.

3. I shook the hand of George W. Bush in the East Room of the White House in 2003 as a part of the US Senate Youth Program.

4. I’ve visited Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, England, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, and Brazil (floating the Amazon). I’ve also been to more than 30 U.S. states (including Hawaii and Alaska).

5. On most evenings at home you’ll find me dressed in pajamas, slippers, and a robe.

6. I was a Boy Scout and can still recite the mottoes. I went to Space Camp. Twice.

7. When I grow up I want to be an author, inventor, a champion of justice, a loving father and faithful husband…

8. … as opposed to my childhood, when I told my parents I wanted to be a fire hydrant.

9. I started a website in 2005 (insanelymac.com) that I sold in 2007 for just enough money to make it through grad school.

Cheesy10. My “dinner with a famous person from history” would be with C.S. Lewis.

11. I graduated in a class of 50 from Fair Grove High School. Fair Grove used to have a stoplight, but lost it.

12. I play (or used to play) the trumpet, baritone, guitar, and piano. I’m also a classically-trained vocalist and sang the title role in an opera (Amahl) at 9.

13. My sense of humor is akin to something you’d overhear over dinner from Aaron Sorkin, Woody Allen, and Mark Twain discussing New Yorker cartoons and making fun of Oscar Wilde.

14. I enjoy taking my grandmothers, both of whom live alone, on dates.

15. My first name means “healer.”

16. I have a freakish memory for random (i.e. pointless) facts and relationships between things/ideas, but really suck at remembering names and the course of events, regardless of their importance.

17. I used to build Windows computers. Now I use a Mac.

18. I’m sociable among friends but flourish in solitude. I’m most content in a warm room with a fireplace, a thick old hardback book, and a cup of hot tea.

19. I consider myself a connoisseur of biscuits and gravy, a dish which my grandma fixes every Sunday morning. I’m also a chocolate chip cookie purist.

20. If there existed a never ending flow of orange juice, I probably still couldn’t get enough. My monthly supply of OJ is about 10.5% of my monthly food budget.

21. I’ve forgotten how to write anything in cursive other than my name. The few checks I write are always in print.

22. As a sweeping (and not terribly accurate) generalization, I enjoy old movies more than new movies, old books more than new books, and old music more than new. But I enjoy it all.

23. I want never to fit a simple stereotype.

24. My parents took me on my first date in the 5th grade. 1970’s brown, orange, and red RV. Shag carpet. 3 beds. It was our only working vehicle at the time.

Ecuador25. I am a homeowner.

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