Hi. I’m Jason Swadley. My friends call me Swad. I’m a graduate student at Brown University studying political theory.


I’m a fan of music, technology, nature, politics, literature, old movies, people, travel, history, philosophy, chess, Age of Empires, hanging out with my grandmas, Sunday naps, used bookstores, BBQ, and sweet tea.

You can view my CV here.

The Story So Far

0-9: Born in Fair Grove, Missouri in 1985. Told my parents I wanted to be a fire hydrant when I grew up. Learned to read. Learned to write in cursive. Took first date in the 5th grade in an old 1970’s RV, driven by my parents, our only working vehicle at the time. Sang title role in the opera Amahl and the Night Visitors.

radio10-19: Forgot how to write in cursive. First kiss. Left Fair Grove (population 1,100) for the countryside.  Built my first computer. Visited over half the U.S. states on summer vacations. Read more books. Met George W. Bush in the White House with the U.S. Senate Youth Program. Graduated from class of 50 at Fair Grove High School. Started B.A. at Drury University. Studied in Greece. Drove a moped into a ravine in Greece, breaking my heel and requiring multiple surgeries.

20-24: Launched a moderately successful technology website. Traveled to 13 countries. Studied in London. Sold website. Earned B.A. from Drury University. Moved to Chicago and bought an apartment. Read many more books. Earned M.A. from the University of Chicago. Appointed adjunct professor at Drury. Lived in Germany. Started real day job in downtown Chicago. Moved to Providence, Rhode Island. Began Ph.D. at Brown.