Stuff I read during spring break

Stuff I read during spring break

Here’s what kept me busy during my week off:


The Brothers Karamazov
I had hoped to finish Dostoevsky and read Rawl’s Theory of Justice while resting back home. I can’t finish Brothers before I return to Chicago, but it’s excellent. Like Hume for Kant, Dostoevsky awoke me from my dogmatic I-love-fiction-but-don’t-know-what-to-write slumbers.


Factory-Sized Deception
The backstory behind one of Obama’s protectionist ads.

New Age Nuclear
Potential breakthrough for energy production.

New Limits to Growth Revive Malthusian Fears
Short on resources, long on people.

Better the Second Time: Would We Be Smarter Voters If We Did It Twice?
Michael Walzer questions voter’s remorse.

A Nation of Givers
Americans are, on the whole, a charitable bunch.

On Borrowed Time: Urban decline moves to the suburbs
Suburbia, notably in Chicagoland, is struggling.