Jonah Goldberg on Contradictions

Why is it only conservative “cranks” who think it’s relevant that Obama’s campaign headquarters in Houston had a Che Guevara-emblazoned Cuban flag hanging on the wall? Indeed, why is love of Che still radically chic at all? A murderer who believed that “the U.S. is the great enemy of mankind” shouldn’t be anyone’s hero, never mind a logo for a line of baby clothes. Why are Fidel Castro’s apologists progressive and enlightened but apologists for Augusto Pinochet frightening and authoritarian? Why was Sen. Trent Lott’s kindness to former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond a scandal but Obama’s acquaintance with [William Ayers, former Weather Underground leader] an unrepentant terrorist a triviality?

I couldn’t have cared less about Lott trying to make an old man happy at his birthday party. Nor do I care about Obama visiting this guy – Hyde Park politics are sufficiently tight-knit so that not doing so would be an odd move. (It should also be noted that the Clinton campaign was the one pushing this story) The flag is admittedly too much, but underlings don’t always speak for the candidate.

Still, Goldberg is right to point out the drastically different heroes we (or, more accurately, the media) tolerate and persecute.